In details

Recycling Symbology

See below the characteristic colors of the appropriate containers for selective waste collection.

To this day, it is not known where and by what criteria the color pattern of the containers used for voluntary selective collection worldwide has been created.

However, some countries already recognize this standard as an official parameter to be followed by any model of selective collection program management.

There is a specific symbology for plastic recycling:

In Brazil there is a standard (NBR 13230) of ABNT - Brazilian Association of Technical Standards, which standardizes the symbols that identify the various types of virgin (plastic) resins. The goal is to facilitate the sorting stage of plastic waste that will be sent for recycling. The types are classified by numbers namely:

  • PET
  • HDPE
  • PVC
  • LDPE
  • PP
  • PS
  • Others

How to separate

For the separation of the material, it is enough to have two containers at home: one for wet garbage and tailings to be collected by the City Cleaning Company and another container for dry waste: plastic, metal, glass and paper, all properly washed and / or clean and dry.

In the case of condominiums, schools or businesses, the number of containers for selective collection can be increased by identifying them by color and material type: