Convex Mirror Images

The convex side of the spoon exemplifies a convex mirror.

Mirrors of this type provide, as you can see, a right image (ie not upside down) and that is smaller than the object.

Because we provide small images, convex mirrors let you see a larger region than you would in a flat mirror. And this you can prove with the help of the spoon.

Images in concave mirrors

The concave side of the spoon illustrates the properties of a concave mirror. Mirrors of this type provide an image with characteristics that depend on whether the object is near or far from the mirror.

In case of distant objects - like your face when you have your arm straight - concave mirrors provide a inverted image (upside down) and lessr that the object.

In the case of nearby objects - such mirrors provide right images (not upside down) and larger than the object. So concave mirrors let you zoom in on nearby objects.