Specific Properties of Matter

There are properties that are characteristic of some materials. For example, gold has properties that iron does not have.

He and iron have properties that water does not have. Water has properties not found in oxygen, and so on. This is because the substances gold, iron, water, oxygen etc. they are different from each other.

Specific properties allow us to distinguish one substance from another. Among the specific properties we can mention:

  • Physical properties: melting point, boiling point, density.
  • Organoleptic properties: These are the properties perceived by the senses.. They are: odor, taste, color, brightness, etc.
  • Chemical properties: chemical reactions.


Different materials have different colors.

gold bar

Silver coins

It is defined by the resistance that the surface offers when scratched by another material. The hardest known substance is diamond, used to cut and scratch materials like glass.

The board is harder than chalk because it scratches the chalk that is worn out.

It is the property that makes bodies reflect light differently.