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Activists rescue dogs after complaint in SP

Protesters stormed institute to rescue over 150 beagles suffering mistreatment.

A group of animal rights activists broke into and stormed the Royal Institute in São Roque, 59 km from Sao Paulo, at dawn on Friday (18). The purpose of the action was to release about 150 Beagle dogs used in drug trials.

According to activists, the institute promoted maltreatment as dogs were used for research and testing of cosmetic and pharmaceutical products. In addition, an anonymous complaint was made that dogs were being sacrificed since last Thursday by cruel methods and bodies were being hidden in the basement.

You can see how scared the animals are when activists try to make contact. In addition, rats and rabbits were also used as guinea pigs.

The rescue began on the 18th around 1:30 am by protesters who had been following the case for several days and were in front of the building - some activists chained themselves at the institute's gate. Military police prevented the group from leaving, but many activists had already rescued the dogs.

The Royal Institute board revealed that its activities are within the norms and requirements determined by the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa). Although several activists have already filed complaints against the institute on social networks.

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