Researcher finds 5.4m 'monster fish' in US

Instructor found rowing fish carcass while diving. Creature is known to inhabit very deep water.

A marine science instructor was startled when she caught sight of a paddle fish (also known as regaleco) over 5 feet in length at sea in Los Angeles, California.

Jasmine Santana of the Catalina Island Marine Institute needed 15 more people to help drag the fish off the coast, and the creature is being called "the discovery of a lifetime" by the institute's staff. .

The fish, which usually lives more than 900 m deep, and is part of a group of rarely studied animals, died of natural causes. Tissue samples, photos, and videos of the regaleco were sent to University of California biologists. The animal will be buried in the sand until decomposed so that its skeleton can be reassembled.

The instructor said she was diving when she found the fish about 30 feet deep. “I have to drag this or no one will believe me,” Santana said, shortly before receiving help from colleagues to surface the carcass.

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