Digestion Problems

Indigestion is a disturbance of digestive functions. It is very difficult to find a person who has never had indigestion, and for most people it is just a passing annoyance.

However, for some people the symptoms of indigestion can be so severe that they interfere with daily activity, impairing quality of life.

In brief indigestion we may feel stuffed after an opulent meal, hence some relief after eliminating some burps. Part of the belched air comes from the swallowed air itself, and a significant part comes from chemical reactions in the stomach and from drinking carbonated beverages.

More persistent indigestion can lead to serious health problems that are linked to excessive stomach acid production. Thus, if "the valve" that separates the esophagus from the stomach is in trouble, the juice produced by the stomach can rise into the esophagus, causing a "burning" sensation that can radiate to the throat. At night, this is often a problem as it impairs rest.

Constant reflux of acid and pepsin in the esophagus can cause inflammation known as esophagitis. In addition, more persistent indigestion can lead to a widespread disease in the population, ulcer