5 Brain Myths That Must Be Forgotten

Spoiler: We use the whole brain and we don't become superhuman

You have probably heard these five myths over and over your lifetime and believed them all. Find it out:

1 - We only use 10% of our brain

Although many movies use this excuse to turn their characters into species of superhumans, it is, in fact, a lie. In 2008, during an interview with Scientific American, neurologist Barry Gordon of the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in the United States revealed that we use the entire brain almost all the time. We have only one variation according to the task being performed. At a time of rest, for example, we use a smaller percentage, but otherwise we use the whole brain - and none of us became a superhero because of it.

Much of the information you have heard about is wrong

2 - People learn in different ways

Do you know that story that so-and-so learns best from visuals and that cicrano can only memorize the story if he's taking notes? Balela What happens is that people learn when the form of teaching has to do with content. In a study at the University of Maastricht in the Netherlands, researchers realized that student preferences have very little to do with their learning. What happens, according to academics, is that people learn content better when the method is consistent: learning geometry by looking at shapes and grammar by writing words, for example. "Students need to correct and learn to deal with their weaknesses rather than avoid them," the study says.

3 - People use the right or left cerebral hemisphere

If someone tells you that you are more rational, ruled by the left brain, or more innovative, ruled by the right brain, don't believe it. In a study conducted in the United States, researchers examined the brains of more than 1,000 people and could find no evidence that participants had any kind of stronger network that favored one side over the other.

4 - Alcohol will smash your brain

Not quite how it works. In moderation, alcohol can even help your brain. According to a US Neuroscience Society publication, drinking up to two glasses of wine a day can protect an adult's brain, reducing the chances of him or her having a stroke. For neurons to die, it takes many, many years of alcohol abuse.

5 - Brain Training Apps Make You Smarter

With a wide range of games and applications that claim to make users smarter and more alert, the Stanford Longevity Center has invited a number of psychologists and neuroscientists to verify the plausibility of these claims. While these workouts actually stimulate the brain's cognitive abilities, their impact is very small in relation to the way they are advertised in the commercialization of these games and apps.