Biology Tricks

Biology is a science that studies a broad spectrum of academic fields, often considered independent disciplines.

Each area, such as zoology, botany and embryology, for example, has characteristic nomenclatures. To help students "record" these names, it is common for them to create cheats, phrases, or songs.

Below you will find some of these tricks that are already used by teachers and students. If you have any suggestions for a trick, send it to us!


Bacterial Diseases

Macete: Everyone Suffers From Small and Big Diseases

T: tetanus / M: meningitis / s: syphilis / Ç: cholera / P: pneumonia / G: gonorrhea / D: diphtheria

Diseases caused by lack of vitamins

  • Vitamin THE: night blindness;
  • Vitamin B: Beri Beri;
  • Vitamin Ç: scurvy;
  • Vitamin D: raquiDismo (Which letter reminds more of T than rickets?);
  • Vitamin AND: leaves Sterile;
  • Vitamin K: Koagulation problems (Which letter reminds you most of C of coagulation?).

Virus Diseases

Macete: HeHe, Going to Find Caffeine Powder in the Street
He= hepatitis; He= herpes; V= smallpox; There= AIDS; En= encephalitis; Sa= measles; Here= mumps; R= anger;
Powder= Poliomyelite; In= dengue; Here= chicken pox; Faith= yellow fever; Ru= rubella.


To memorize the phyla:

Macete: For Some Asqueous Plans ANA MOLDED REPENTED EQUIs Crying

Per= porifers; Ç= children; PLA = flat; ASQUE= asquelmentes; AN= annelids; MOL= mollusks; AIR= arthropods; EQUI= echinoderms; Ç= chords.

To memorize the phylos of CELOMATED animals:

Macete: The Mother Crown
THE= Annelids; M= Mollusk; THE= Arthropod; AND= Echinodermata; COLOR= CORdates.

To memorize the Flatworm Classes:


CES= basket; YOU= Troy; TRAIN= TREMatoda.


Egg Types

Sing in the rhythm of "Ciranda Cirandinha":

Oligo, oligolith a mammal will give. Come on heterolithite an amphibian originate. And the centrocyte egg an arthropod will give. And the telolithite egg a bird will form. In the first and second, full targeting. In the third and fourth she is, is partial.

The stages of embryo development

Macete: Very Fat and Neurotic Mother

M= Morula; B= Blastula; G= Gastrula; N= Neurula.