13 Bizarre Baby Facts You Probably Didn't Know

Hard to resist a baby's charms, isn't it? They look so fragile, so sweet and innocent, we don't even suspect that during pregnancy a male fetus had erections, for example. How about the fact that the crying of newborns is not accompanied by tears in the first weeks of life?

And of course, as you discover more about these little critters, don't forget that all of this possibly happened to you too!

1 - In the womb, all babies get mustaches ... that they eat.

Yes, you did not read it wrong. Me, you and all the cute babies, when they are about four months old, get very fine hair that then spreads all over their body. This hair, called lanugo, is eaten by the baby and also falls out before birth. Once digested, these hairs will be part of the baby's first feces, called meconium.

2 - Babies double in weight during the first five months of life.

It doesn't look like much, does it? So imagine yourself, twice as heavy as you are now, and earning those pounds over a period of five months.

3 - In addition to the tongue, babies also have taste buds on the sides and roof of the mouth.

This disappears with age, but is extremely important in the first months of life.

4 - In some newborn girls, a "mini menstruation" may occur.

It sounds bizarre, but it's true and something completely normal. When babies are in the womb, they absorb some hormones from their mother. Therefore, at birth some girls may experience mild vaginal bleeding that lasts for a few days.

5 - Babies are born 75% the size of an adult eye.

If you had the impression that babies' eyeballs are giant compared to their heads, you are not wrong.

6 - Babies prefer female voices.

When we address a baby, we are victims of a temporary change in our judgment and we change the tone of our voice. This is because we have an innate drive needed for the affective and cognitive development of humans under three.

7 - Babies sleep with their eyes open.

Newborns can fall asleep but still keep their eyes open and moving. Calm, although it also seems bizarre, this is normal and the child is not possessed.

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8 - Boys have erections, both inside the womb and when they are newborns.

This is an embarrassing affair for many moms, even when the boy has pimples on his face. Male fetuses have erections when they are still in the womb and also when newborns. Do not be alarmed, this is normal and imperceptible.

9 - Babies do not come with patellae.

Yes, those knee bones are simply cartilage in the first months of life and gain shape and strength over time.

10 - Babies are born with 70 more bones than adults.

Yes, and over time, some of these bones fuse together, as in the skull. Before birth, separate plaques overlap to allow the head to pass through the vaginal canal at birth.

11 - When newborns cry, there are no tears.

What do you mean, cry without tears? Yes! You may not have noticed, but they are not crying but screaming. It takes a few weeks for them to start producing tears.

12 - Babies can swallow and breathe at the same time.

Up to seven months old, a baby is able to swallow and breathe quietly at the same time.

13 - And do you know why you don't remember that trip or something that happened when you were under three years old?

It is because most people go through the process of Child Amnesia, which erases from memory the good and bad events that happened in the early years of life. Ever wondered if you could remember the moment of your birth when you gave your first cry?